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    exim - smtp limits


    I'd like to log and impose limits on sending emails per mail user or per domain.

    i.e. Bob is allowed 200 messages per day. then exim says no more...

    Any ideas? Its something I'm having trouble finding info. MB quotas dont really fit.



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    what software /control panel/ are u using ? maybe it has it integrated before we jump into custom optimization !
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    This is for a machine that isn't running a control panel - ie a custom mass virtual hosting setup.

    I just found:

    It might be what I'm looking for

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    Well the limitations depends on the control panel you are using for controling your software.

    In the settings you can set the number of the email to be sent during an hour for every client. The default settings that we set normally is 60 emails which makes the exim server to work efficiently.

    If the control panel of your server is WHM/cpanel then you are make the above said settings in the Tweak Settings option in WHM.

    Thank you.


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