We have an ASP application (ASP 3.0, SQL Server) which was originally created as a small-scale app for a small number of users. We would like to “open it to the world” now. We have never done this before, and looking for advice on the scaleable/reliable hosting.
While it is a simple application, I assume that just finding an ASP hosting company that supports ASP and SQL Server, and deploying it there will not do the trick. Of course, the goal is to rely on the hosting infrastructure as much as possible to handle scalability/reliability for us, but I assume there should be design features in our code that will support scaling.

- The application will need to scale to thousands of users. Which ASP design features need to be looked at to ensure scalability/reliability ?
- Are there tutorials/guides/books that explain it? Some books I’ve seen are oriented towards the organizations that want to build the entire infrastructure themselves, explaining things like multi-tier design, load balancing, farms etc. My understanding is that we don’t need to dwell into a lot of this stuff and rely on the vendor hosting infrastructure for all those things. We just need to make sure is that there are no bottlenecks in our code. Basically, we are looking for information on “retrofitting your ASP code to be deployed to scalable infrastructure”, or something like that.

We are also open to a possibility of re-writing the app using a differenet technology (e.g. ColdFusion) if ASP turns out to be not a good choice for our goal.

Any pointers/advice will be highly appreciated.


-- Virtu.