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    Security Advices on the Domain Field

    I would like to know, trought everyone experiences on this business, what would you suggest / recommend about domains management, registration, renewals. It can be about managing the domain by yourself due client's request or about payments, and even about what NOT to do when you register a domain, anything works .

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    For registrations:

    1. Don't lookup domain name availability 'til you're ready to reg it on the spot. You
    can, however, do "clean" lookups via a Unix command or at the Registry itself.

    2. If you're registering the domain name on behalf of someone, try to put it all in
    writing. Nowadays it's a must.

    3. Make sure you know what you want. Compare your potential registrar's offers
    with what you're looking for and expecting.

    For management:

    1. Keep your login details safe and secure.

    2. Keep your domain name/s' contact details safe and secure.

    3. Keep your domain name/s locked.

    For renewals:

    1. Make sure you're able to receive your registrar's emails. Whitelist if need be.

    2. Stay on top of your renewals. Make notes when they're coming up.

    3. Log inside your account from time to time. Your registrar's panel should tell you
    what domain names are coming up.

    4. Try to renew early and for more than a year.

    Everybody pitch in in case I miss something.

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    great recommendations Dave

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    thanks for your recommendations dave, quite interesting to know

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    You might try going over to for some helpful advice
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