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    * Vps problem, my fault? their fault? bring light to this please

    Well for the last 2 months everything run fine with my current vps host, suddenly an email is sent about a Service problem with Iternap and all went down for a while then they restored it.

    The thing is that 15 days after that sucess im gettin this 100% cpu usage every day at almost all times, i tried them to solve this and they do fix it for a while but then again im back to slow land, so slow that makes pages unavailable for hours, i must add that i didnt add anything new to the server, the same old pages that runned fine for 2 months.

    Heres a pic of my control panel, since i dont want to bad mouth my hosters i uploaded it to a public site:


    *Change the * for t since it dont lets me post the picture.

    You can see there, this was taken a few minutes ago, Mexico time atm its 9 pm.
    So my cpu averages are low as always, it was way lower tought like 2-3% at this time usually but you can see 8 to 11% in the screenshot, but the thing that is wrong is the CPU usage there 99% to 100% almost at ALL times wich is causing countless critics from my visitors AND my clients.

    I sent several tickets to my hosters and they say that is the sql, then apache, etc, but the problem comes back few hours after they touch it. I also notice that tought they manage to bring the site speeds to "decent" levels for 1-2 hours, virtuozzo stays the same, so slow i cant use it, also told them but i didnt have a reply about this.

    Yes i tried several web browsers, still the same, so im starting to wonder and after 15 days of see my incomes suffering everyday a little more that maybe is not me and is them, that they oversold this server and im suffering the results?
    Can someone bring light to this since im not all that tech, but i do have a nice compilation of pics, invoices, logs, tickets logs, etc. about this issue in the case in one of "those" hosting providers.

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    Arrow Update

    Hi, ok now after a few hours and sending them all the screenshots i have showing the cpu at 100% they replied telling me this:

    As per your notification we have monitored the server for cpu usage and load. But we find that at present the server load and cpu usages are just fine. Please do check and let us know the details for any further assistance.

    So i was like WTF, since that usage is not normal and i suppose they do have logs showing all that is happening at this server, this reply was sent after 3 hours i sent the screenshots, so i logued into virtuozzo, 4 am in the morning Mex time, 3.86% of my usage of bandwith and oh surprise the CPU was at 100% again, i have taken several screenshots more and sent them those and ill tell you what i get in response in a while, im starting to fell that this people is thinking im dumb or something.

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    Arrow Update 2

    Hi, this next update as promised, well around 5:30 Am i got a response from the tech amanger of this host service, telling me this:

    Thank you for your patience on this. We are aware of the issues you are experiencing, which we are working very quickly to get this resolved.

    And offering as a compensation a discount on my next invoice (??), well i was happy to see someone admits theres something wrong, but a discount for this meh, anyways i replyed that i dont care about a discounts, i just want the few sites i have running properly. I got right after a couple more what i consider autommated repsonses:


    I am checking with this issue now


    Our senior team staff will update you soon.

    Blah blah, well its 11:20 AM and the site are running good at moments... then unavailable again, i lost all access to my control panel for the server, so no more happy 100% CPU usage screenshoting for me.

    Well ill keep you people updated, post your comments.And thanks WHT for providing this wonderfull space for us.

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    What processes you are running on server? Its too important to know these informations. And maybe they didnt limit your CPU correctly OR they are overselling.

    All these things are releated to your problem.
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    Hi Batu and thanks for the reply, ermm i dont run anything other than apache, mysql (lowest load i can get, file is no bigger than 7 MB, so that shouldnt be a problem, same database as when the server run fine), and email service for like 7-9 accounts. Thats all i run in my server, this should not be a problem, since i have important clients, i have hired there the most expensive plan for VPS, enught to run way bigger things.

    Still i get what you see, but before this strange sucess my cpu usage was never this high, so yeah maybe overselling, i just dont run things that can get me so high in the cpu usage, and if by any chance i was i think they would have told me instead of accepting that they have a "issue" as in my previous post.

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    ermm i dont run anything,
    this part is really important.. Or I can tell you the main node server's CPU isnt limited correctly per VPS account. This is why you are getting affect by others..

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    Batu, i really dont know about nodes or anything, that why im using a managed service, as i said, when i first sign in with them it was all fine, most cpu usage at top hours was always under 8% and at night around 2%.
    I did have a problem with them at first since i contracted a plan and they gave me the basic one, but that was solved, but yeah it was a pain to get what i paid for and sent several tickets, even now im not sur im getting what im paying, but again since i run just a few websites all i care about is that those websites run fine.
    Thanks for your reply, i hope other experienced users like you can put their toughs here, atm im still in the same situation, sites work fine for moments and then they go unavailable, as i said before i lost access to the server control panel since i sent them the screenshots.

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    I got in the directadmin control panel and these are the process i run:

    directadmin, exim, httpd, mysqld, named, proftpd, sshd and vm-pop3d.

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    its too bad to hear that you are in same situation.. And you dont need to thank because if someone knows something, he should share it

    By the way, sorry but I cant do something else without seeing and logging into your VPS. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalat
    I got in the directadmin control panel and these are the process i run:

    directadmin, exim, httpd, mysqld, named, proftpd, sshd and vm-pop3d.
    Please type "top -c" without quotes by logging into VPS via SSH with root privilages and post the output here. I want to check.

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    Arrow Top -c Results

    This is what i get when i do that:

    13:13:09 up 2 days, 2:28, 1 user, load average: 18.65, 13.42, 11.15
    13:13:14 up 2 days, 2:28, 1 user, load average: 17.16, 13.20, 11.09
    13:13:19 up 2 days, 2:28, 1 user, load average: 15.78, 12.98, 11.03
    161 processes: 160 sleeping, 1 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
    CPU states: cpu user nice system irq softirq iowait idle
    total 0.7% 0.0% 0.9% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 98.3%
    cpu00 1.1% 0.0% 0.9% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 97.8%
    cpu01 0.9% 0.0% 0.9% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 98.0%
    cpu02 0.5% 0.0% 0.5% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 98.8%
    cpu03 0.3% 0.0% 3.3% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 96.3%
    cpu04 0.9% 0.0% 0.5% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 98.4%
    cpu05 0.5% 0.0% 0.3% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 99.0%
    cpu06 0.5% 0.0% 0.1% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 99.2%
    cpu07 0.3% 0.0% 0.3% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 99.2%

    Mem: 12457180k av, 12432896k used, 24284k free, 0k shrd, 214180k buff
    8292276k active, 2543224k inactive
    Swap: 25157780k av, 301380k used, 24856400k free 6688128k cached

    32099 root 16 0 1976 1148 1648 R 0.3 0.0 0:00 3 top -c
    1 root 15 0 1416 492 1264 S 0.0 0.0 0:53 6 init
    1357 root 15 0 1480 552 1316 S 0.0 0.0 0:03 7 syslogd -m 0
    1369 root 16 0 3564 1512 3348 S 0.0 0.0 0:04 2 /usr/sbin/ssh
    1386 root 18 0 2012 804 1680 S 0.0 0.0 0:00 4 xinetd -staya
    1405 root 15 0 868 284 548 S 0.0 0.0 1:56 4 /usr/local/di
    1414 nobody 16 0 5332 1020 4856 S 0.0 0.0 0:00 0 /usr/local/di

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    Arrow Update 3

    Well after hours of suffering and waiting, the problem got finally solved, now my cpu usage is in the low again (less than 1% atm), all is running extra fine and i hope it stays there.
    The reason, no clue i didnt got any information on what caused this but im happy its solved and i dont have to move out, ill leave this topic here to anyone for reading and im not going to post further updates unless there are problems again wich i hope this is not the case.
    Thanks a lot to all that take the time to read and to Batu for his kind replys!

    Edit: One thing i noticed new is this value changed, wich i dont know if haves anything to do with this:

    cpuunits n/a n/a 1,000 pcs CPU share the virtual private server will get

    Notuce the 1,000 there, it was a 50 before the thing was fixed.
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    Good gravy. 50 CPU units?!?!?! No wonder. Fropm now can keep a tab on allocations by typing this:

    cat proc/user_beancounters

    50 CPU units is plain highway robbery...I don't care if you're paying $5.00/month.

    A P4 2.8Ghz with 1GB RAM has 139129 CPU unites total.

    Heck..the VMware VPS I did testing on had 110179 CPU units total.

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    Arrow Omg

    That means i have been ripped all the time with the cpu? omg lol, now i wonder if the other values are what im paying for, i would like to know before i have to send them the next payment, im paying for this:

    Dual Core Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz Shared Processor
    Full Root Access
    25 GB of Space
    380 GB of Bandwidth
    512 MB of Guaranteed Ram
    1024 MB of Burstable Ram
    100% Service Uptime SLA
    Full Management Services

    It cost me 65 usd/month

    And this is the extended info i get from virtuozzo:

    CPU parameters

    ID Current Use Soft Limit Hard Limit Units Description
    cpuunits n/a n/a 1,000 pcs CPU share the virtual private server will get
    cpulimit n/a n/a Disabled percents CPU limit of the share the virtual private server will get

    Disk Quota

    ID Current Use Soft Limit Hard Limit Units Description
    diskinodes 78,695 200,000 220,000 inodes Number of total disk inodes
    diskspace 3,902,585 20,971,520 20,971,520 1K-blocks Disk space in 1 kilobyte blocks which can be used
    quotatime n/a n/a 0 seconds Grace period for disk quota
    quotaugidlimit 46 n/a 250 pcs Limit of uids/gids for which disk quota is accounted

    Primary UBC parameters:

    ID Current Use Soft Limit Hard Limit Units Description
    numproc 60 n/a Unlimited pcs Number of processes and kernel-level threads allowed for VPS
    numtcpsock 25 n/a Unlimited pcs Number of TCP sockets
    numothersock 22 n/a 360 pcs Number of non-TCP sockets (local sockets, UDP and other types of sockets)
    vmguarpages 0 131,072 2,147,483,647 4KB pages Memory allocation guarantee
    avnumproc n/a n/a 180 pcs Average estimated number of processes

    Secondary UBC parameters:

    ID Current Use Soft Limit Hard Limit Units Description
    kmemsize 3,892,351 30,055,923 30,377,049 bytes Size of unswappable memory, allocated by the operating system kernel
    tcpsndbuf 3,688 1,720,320 2,703,360 bytes Total size of buffers used to send data over TCP network connections
    tcprcvbuf 0 Unlimited Unlimited bytes Total size of buffers used to temporary store the data coming from TCP network connections
    othersockbuf 37,108 1,126,080 2,097,152 bytes Total size of buffers used by local connections and send buffers of UDP and other datagram protocolsdgramrcvbuf 0 262,144 262,144 bytes Total size of buffers used to temporary store the incoming packets of UDP and other datagram protocols
    oomguarpages 18,885 131,072 2,147,483,647 4KB pages The guaranteed amount of memory for the case the memory is "over-booked" (out-of-memory kill guarantee)

    Auxiliary UBC parameters:

    ID Current Use Soft Limit Hard Limit Units Description
    privvmpages 32,201 393,216 1,393,216 4KB pages Memory allocation limit
    lockedpages 0 256 256 4KB pages Process pages not allowed to be swapped out (pages locked by mlock(2))
    shmpages 1,441 n/a 21,504 4KB pages Total size of shared memory (IPC, shared anonymous mappings and 'tmpfs' objects)
    numfile 821 n/a 9,312 pcs Number of open files
    numflock 3 188 206 pcs Number of file locks
    numpty 0 n/a 16 pcs Number of pseudo-terminals
    numsiginfo 0 n/a 256 pcs Number of 'siginfo' structures
    dcachesize 370,475 3,409,920 3,624,960 bytes Total size of 'dentry' and 'inode' structures locked in memory
    numiptent 14 n/a 128 pcs Number of NETFILTER (IP packet filtering) entries

    And this is what i get when i run the cat command thing you told me:

    Version: 2.5
    uid resource held maxheld barrier limit failcnt
    142: kmemsize 4024362 4041859 30055923 30377049 0
    lockedpages 0 0 256 256 0
    privvmpages 32046 32056 393216 1393216 0
    shmpages 2081 2081 21504 21504 0
    dummy 0 0 0 0 0
    numproc 62 62 32567 32567 0
    physpages 18242 18244 0 2147483647 0
    vmguarpages 0 0 131072 2147483647 0
    oomguarpages 18255 18257 131072 2147483647 0
    numtcpsock 25 25 2147483647 2147483647 0
    numflock 3 3 188 206 0
    numpty 1 1 16 16 0
    numsiginfo 0 0 256 256 0
    tcpsndbuf 4456 4456 1720320 2703360 0
    tcprcvbuf 0 692 2147483647 2147483647 0
    othersockbuf 35648 35648 1126080 2097152 0
    dgramrcvbuf 0 0 262144 262144 0
    numothersock 21 21 360 360 0
    dcachesize 383964 385686 3409920 3624960 0
    numfile 865 866 9312 9312 0
    dummy 0 0 0 0 0
    dummy 0 0 0 0 0
    dummy 0 0 0 0 0
    numiptent 14 14 128 128 0

    So there are the values, i really appreciate all the help you people are giving me, Are this values correct for the server im paying for? Thanks a lot.

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    is that a VMWare VPS ? :O
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    No is from the host i have, the one im using, the one that have been giving me CPU problems till today.

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