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    Free host with name forwarding

    Hey there,

    My boss has purchased a domain name which has no host or webspace, she would like a free host, or someone very cheap, where she can make her site. Preferrably a site without banner ads.

    She also needs to have her address point to this site, again hopefully free of charge.

    Any suggestions?


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    Free dns:

    Free hosting without banner ads:

    Remember, you get what you pay for.

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    For listings of free providers check out
    they list what features are included and some have reviews so you may find something there...although usually with *free* they will require some sort of banner ad or popup.
    It would be worth checking into though.
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    Try Windows Personal Web Server

    Unlimited Disk Space
    You pay for only what you need, each 100 GB can be purchased for the mightly low, one-time fee of $250 (Installation cost may vary, see CompUSA for details)

    Unlimited Data Transfer
    You can send and receive as much as you want (restriction may be set by your ISP)

    No monthly fees
    You may have to pay a monthly ISP charge for the additional 56k line

    Bandwidth Scalability
    Upgrade to dual 56k, or even ISDN, DSL, or Cable, all at your own pace

    Free DNS
    Additional software may be required

    SSI, PHP, CGI, Perl, MySQL, ASP, JSP, and MORE!
    Additional software may be required

    No Need for FTP
    With Windows File and Printer Sharing, you can just file share into your www folder.

    This is the best deal ever. Because basic setup is free. Simply insert your Windows 98 CD into your CD-ROM drive (that is the thing that comes out of your computer that you put the little circles into), and install.

    Additional setup may be required. See a CompUSA representative for details.

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