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    Reviews? Anyone?
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    Dinek runs a nice network and is very fast for deployment. His costs are awesome, considering you can get huge amounts of bandwidth, and all boxes come with a 100Mbit port. At prices like 22EUR for it, it's pretty hard to skip

    Network wise, i've had no issues. The network provides very fast speeds to even the USA (200KB/sec in a single stream from one of our boxes at LT).

    I've not dealt with support at all so I can't really comment on that.


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    i had a box with dinek a few months ago netwrok was fast support was pretty quick the only thing that made me leave was the high vat for eu residents i found better box for simlar pricing elswhere but all in all dinek runs a pretty decent company

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    I have a box with him and have been there for 2 months now....everything is network, nice support, no hardware problems and good prices.


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    currently i ve 2 webservers from dinek ( and going to get a few more in a short time. so i think i m eligible to post a review on this company.

    installation of these servers was nearly instant,
    support was great (once i messed with the debian os, so needed it tobe reinstalled, without any questioan nor delay all was done in a few hours time after my first email message about the situation)
    network is stable, and fast.
    ethernet cards are 100mbit,
    dinek himself is kind and helpful (so far at least )

    only thing that prevents me moving all my servers to exportal is the lack of firewall / ddos protection

    but anyway, except this proctection issue, they rock, everything else is suberb,
    i recommend to everyone.
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    The only trouble ive had with exportal is that they show VPS servers as being redhat based, and the options with them. they are actually windows based, and things like cpanel arent offered. And when he asked what OS i wanted, he left out about 4 OS's that were option, Ubuntu being the one i wanted but he didnt tell me about. i will credit him on his fasst and helpful response when ever there is trouble though.

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