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    linux Gentoo

    Paid job. My samba server mail account is giving me problems. I need someone that can check why, also upgrade my server to the latest version. I need to add a user and a mail account. Deleat a user and a mail account. The server uses gentoo and is a domain and I have three xp windows machines with a samba interface.
    Please pm or e-mail. Thanks Jim

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    sorry new and in a hurry

    I sent you a e-mail. thanks let me know? Jim

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    DrSille, If you still need assistance, let me know. I have 5 years of Gentoo experience.
    Mike Miller :: Sysprosium Linux Server Management ::
    20+ years of Linux Administration experience :: Twitter:@Sysprosium
    Server Management :: Managed Backups :: Website Monitoring
    E: sales[at] :: P: 920.659.0610

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    Cool Not a bit of help

    thanks FirmbIt BUT all you did was reset my server ( Boy I did Not Think
    of That) AND then IGNORE ALL my E-Mails For The Next 48 Hours. THANKS!!!!
    Use [email protected] He Did The Job!!!!!
    PS Refund my money like your website says.

    Dear Client, could you please let us know if the samba problem is still there, i decided to reboot the server first to check if the problem go away!.

    Please let us know and also please read the last response i gave you, that would ease my investigation if i know more about the problem and the software you use.

    Best Regards,

    Jose L. Chafardet Grimaldi
    FirmbIT - Linux IT Consultants
    Server Management & Security
    [email protected]

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