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    Tech/VPS Expert for Hire

    I am now available for various jobs..just look at a few of my recent posts..I do not comment about things I know nothing about. Piece projects normal tech's how it's going to work.

    1) You PM me with what you want done...currently...only Linux servers.
    Scripts...Web server configs...etc...etc.
    I can also help you setup a VPS server if you wish.

    2) I will PM you back if I can do it or not...time frame estimate...and cost estimate.

    3) You pay...and then it will be done. All jobs not kept to worst-case time estimate will be for free and all monies will be refunded. I must enforce a no-changes rule once the project has begun...all changes and specs *MUST* be solid and committed
    before the project exceptions.

    There is not really much I cannot do...and I'm sorry that I must have payment up front due to last year's lesson in blindly trusting strangers..but that's the way things are...period.

    I've been on WHT for a very long time...and hope to eventually become a VPS host myself. As you may know...certain things happened...and the VPS host project had to be put on hold. It is my hope I can get a few odd jobs here to get things restarted...without having to resort to drastic getting a fast-food job where .01 brain cell is used the entire day.

    I give discounts for first-timers and extremely interesting jobs.


    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    What VPS software are you familiar with?

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