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    Im saying HELLO too. Nick Matina here, CEO of

    Well, I just stumbled on to this thread when a user told me that there was a post here about my software.


    Im hooked now. This is a great place.

    Some of you might use software called It is a shopping cart company that was recently purchased by Network Solutions. My biggest claim to fame is that I originally founded that company.

    Now I am on to VOIP, Live Chat, Web Stats.

    Glad to know you all.
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    Welcome to WHT!

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    Welcome Nick. I think I was that user that turned you on to WHT. Don't I feel special now. HA! It is great to have you as a member and hope you enjoy the talks, advise, opinions, help, and the drama. OH is the Drama! It makes for a great read during lunch.

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    Welcome to WHT!

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