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    Will work for reseller hosting (dont plan on using reseller to make profit)

    Hi, I am willing to work part time (20 hours a week) or less in exchange for a reseller web hosting account (cPanel/WHM preferred). I have about 5 years experience in the web hosting field, and can provide proof if requested (I have a resume ready). I am currently a student majoring in Computer Network Technology and am unable to pay for the web hosting I currently have. I dont earn any money off my site (all personal/not for profit) but I wish to have WHM as I host websites belonging to some of my friends and I would like to give them their own account rather than a FTP login sub-hosted on my account. If you are interested please either PM me or leave a reply with ways I can get in touch.
    I would prefer an internship program, or even a job, but I am willing to work in exchange for a reseller account.

    Thank you.

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    Just a heads up for you - you do not have enough posts to receive PMs - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    I bet we could find something for you.

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    Ahh i was just looking through as i was going to post some positions we have available.

    I believe we can find you work and make a decent deal out for you. If you could email me at rshaffer[ at ] we can disuss some work. iHost v3 in beta Host Automation - iPanel v4 beta With Forced Ads in User Sites, illegal file scanner, and new post 4 hosting feature
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    I believe the minimum posts required is 5 in order to recieve PM's. I have already recieved a few offers but the hours required (30+) I would not be able to fit into my schedule.

    Please leave and IM contact method and I will get in touch with everyone later tonight.


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