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    Talking RHEL v4 (64-bit) and CPanel (Opteron 170, 2GB ram, 250GB hdd)


    I am looking at an AMD Opteron 170 w/2GB of ram and a 250 SATA-II hdd. I plan to add a second hdd and explore offering webhosting (or I'll have one powerful server at my disposal).

    Are there any issues/advantages to running RHEL v4 64-bit w/CPanel on this platform vs a Xeon (vs. 32-bit)?

    I am looking for input on the hardware config, approx number of domains I can host with this platform, etc. I realize there are many variables to hosting (www, # MySQL db, etc.) so I am looking for real world examples with this config (or similar).

    I'm looking at the free ram upgrade offered by Softlayer so answer fast

    David, CISSP
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    Cpanel is not really 64bit friendly. I would suggest you use 32bit mode OS - it will still beat a Dual Xeon 3 or 3.2.
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    I saw 20-30% increase in performance with AMD 170+2Gig and RHEL 64 bit for both Web server and MySQL.

    However, with RHEL you cannot get latest version like MySQL 5 or PHP5 via up2date command.

    I paid my friend to do all the setup for me.

    Most CPs are not compatible with 64 bit oses. You can change the os (64 to 32 bit) later but it will cost you anywhere between $25-50 for server re instillation. So select wisely
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    I would use Directadmin with 64bit RHEL 4/CentOS 4.

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    In terms of number of sites, our opteron 170s w/4 gigs can run many, many sites. But again, if you have people with huge database-driven sites, it could bring these things to its knees. Its all incumbant upon the type of clients you attract (shared vs reseller), the restrictions you plan to impose, and your intended profit margins. There are fairly competitive deals for dedicated servers with 170s as they're good machines that aren't hugely expensive.

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