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    * Host with more then one domain name...

    i am with a pretty good host right now....good service, but i need to be able to host more then one domain name on the same accounts as well as have many users on the same account...also i am looking more for disk space then bandwith...right now my host allows me to have many users but won't let me have a different domains for different users....

    basically i want to be able to host a few different sites on the same account with different domains for each site...

    these site are mostly personal sites so it won't take that much bandwith but i have a photo gallery wich takes up loads of space soo extra disk space would be good...

    i am looking at something under $20 a month...with mysql and php and basically the works....

    any suggestions?


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    You may want to check out They offer a few multi-domain hosting options. I believe they have their servers at the VO NOC so they have good connections and Steve (insiderhosting) has been praised here by a few folks for good support. I am considering them myself and am looking for something similar to what you want.

    They also have bulk reseller plans that start out around $20. Other places for reseller plans would be Splashhost, though its about $10 higher than your request and Voxtreme (about $25 for the reseller account). Both come highly recommended by this and another forum. I'm looking into both of these as well and they seem like pretty good places.

    Hope that helps !

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    Hey jhcashman, you didn't say why your current hosting company won't help you with that..

    Don't they allow you to host more domains on the same space? Even for a small setup fee?

    Another choice is to register a domain with a company who offers domain forwarding or cloaking services.

    I think many companies offer a free or low priced forwarding service like that forwards your domain to any address on the internet (without your current hosting company needing to do anything).

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