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    Strange DNS (named & CP) problem

    Below you see to lines in my "/etc/named.conf". The first line doesn't have to be there and breaks my reverse DNS.

    zone "" { type slave; file "sec."; masters {; }; };
    zone "" { type master; file ""; };

    So when I remove this (with pico) and restart named manually (not using the CP "Save" but) my reverse DNS works and named doesn't give an error while restarting.

    This is the error named gives when restarting with that first line.
    (tail -f /var/log/messages)

    Jun 13 17:42:17 lisa named[21461]: /etc/named.conf:35: cannot redefine zone '' class IN


    My problem is, that I CAN FIX THE PROBLEM, but the control panel overwrites these settings and keeps adding the line.

    Need some help please.


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    Find the lines that are not correct in /etc/named/records
    (Cobalt file that is used to make the dns records)
    delete them
    and launch the cobalt perl script:
    So your dns records will be updated


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    I can't find anything wrong in the file.

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