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    How to select a good trademark attorney?

    Sorry if this isn't being posted in the right forum section. I'm trying to find a trademark attorney to trademark the name of my new clothing manufacturing business. I know my name is not taken or trademarked by anybody as of yet. I'm having my own line of women's wrinkle-free shorts manufactured. Here's my site if anybody cares =)

    I'm trying to pick between 3 different trademark attorneys in my area but I can't decide which one!

    All 3 have the same pricing which is around $1200, I want to use an attormey because I have a feeling if I attempted it msyelf it would fail. I'm worried about getting ripped off... is it easy to get ripped off with these attorneys?

    I know a women living near me who had a million dollars in sales last year (smart lucky women) who manufactures "Pet Stairz" product and she used to trademark her name and said he was not a good attorney because he took a long time and kept raising the price I think... even though he did manage to get her name trademarked.

    I'm paranoid that I'm going to pay an attorney and get ripped off, any input? =(

    What questions should I ask them when interviewing them?... I mean to see if they are good or whatnot. I guess ask for samples of other names they have trademarked successfully...
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    Just use - you'll save yourself a lot of money. Trademarks aren't like patents, they aren't difficult at all to file. Legalzoom has peope who will review your file before it's submitted and help you ensure it gets approved.

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    Interesting, I've never heard of legalzoom before. However the trademarking process can take a really long time before it's aproved... up to a year. The women who owns "Pet Stairz" told me it took her a year before they finally approved her and labeled her company name as offically trademarked. She complained that the lawyar took a year... I don't know if it was a lousy lawyer or the USPTO. She told me she did not recommend I use that attorney and find another one.

    Sometimes the USPTO will contact you while they investigate your application with questions... I won't know to supply them with what answers they are looking for... lawyers might know a few tricks to get it appoved... who knows... I wonder if legalzoom would handle that? I doubt it.

    I don't want to waste time... I really need it trademarked and I want it to be successful and do eveything possible to ensure that it's successful because it's extrememly important with my business.

    Ive heard of some people whose trademarked failed because they didn't know what they were doing and I'm one of those people who doesn't know what they are doing in regards to getting a trademarked successfully approved.

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    With Patents, you get the right to disclose information once the application process has been started. Maybe this is the same with TMs.

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