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    If Someone Could Just Help Me Get Started

    Hi, it's my first time moving to VPS.
    I've been trying for so many days, but I still can't get a single web up.
    My VPS is unmanaged, so it's a toughie getting help. If anyone can point me into the right direction, I'd be very grateful.

    My situation:
    - I bought a domain through GoDaddy, eg:
    - My VPS is hosted elsewhere, with 3IPs and cpanel.
    - I can't seem to get to point to my VPS IPs.

    What I've done:
    - Created hostnames in GoDaddy - and
    - Point to the above nameservers.
    - I can now ping and, but not

    - GoDaddy tells me "Your IP addresses are refusing connections. Please make sure your zone file is correctly configured"

    So I assume I should add a DNS zone in cpanel.
    Should I add or
    I tried but it says it exists already. I tried it gives me the following error:

    Bind reconfiguring on server using rndc
    Error reconfiguring bind on server: rndc: connect failed: connection refused
    Created DNS entry for

    Should I be messing with the DNS zones or the Nameservers options in cpanel? I'm really confused.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Probably everything is ok, just bind down, some new cpanel installations have bind disabled due security reasons.

    Just go to WHM and activate it

    You can do it going to:
    Service Configuration
    » NameServer Configuration

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    The simple truth is many Cpanel installs on VPS's come with very broken DNS.
    Follow these steps:

    1) Go into WHM setup and make sure nameservers are enabled. It will not hurt to do it again..if you've already done this.
    2) Do add zones for both can do this in the main setup screen *or* manually through the DNS zones section of WHM.
    3) Now...if DNS is not setup should get something like "Connection refused" jazz.'s how to fix that:

    4) Login as root to the VPS..and cd out of the root directory into scripts directory.
    type: cd ../scripts

    5) Here's where it gets iffy. I've had success with try them won't mess up anything:


    6) type:

    service named stop


    service named start

    This is actually optional..Cpanel will automagically try and restart things like that...but doesn't always suceed.

    7) Go to godaddy and try again.

    Also remember that these changes still do take 24 don't try and add new nameservers right after adding them in "hosts" section of godaddy.

    Good luck!

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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