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    [Wanted] Low-cost active forums

    I don't really mind about what the forums are about (although I must say no adult), but there must be a decent amount of members and posts, and be relatively active - it doesn't matter if it comes with a forum license or not, just the database would probably do (I'd use SMF).

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    Please also note that I am also NOT interested in warez or dating forums either.

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    Is there any particular "flavor" you are targetting?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedPHP
    Is there any particular "flavor" you are targetting?
    I take it by 'flavor' you mean topic? Like I said in the first post, I don't really mind apart from what I've mentioned.

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    How about this one?

    85,000 Page Views / month and 39,000 Posts

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    Sorry, but too high a price - I guess I should have clarified that I'm thinking more along the lines of forums for low to mid $xx...

    Cheap I know, but I did say 'low-cost' as I'm not rich
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    How many posts per month or total are you looking for?

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    At least 1000 posts a month I would say (if possible).

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