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    Hey guys:

    We just finished tweaking some minor changes to our site. I would like to ask the community to look over our site and tell us what you think. It's always good to have another set of eyes rather than just those of my partner and I.



    Chris Miller

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    Thumbs up Excellent Work

    Very nice work. The only issue I have is that darn girl keeps appearing on everyone's site. She is truely - The lady of Hosting!

    Great work though Chris. Clean. Smooth. Content is where it needs to be - IMO. Very professional and it made me want to click through the site.


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    Seems nice, solid job there design wise...

    My only (besides not using the colors more, but thats a matter of taste) issue are the logos on the main page, it'd be better if you had them in shades of gray, and they would integrate into the design better - this way they just look washed out


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    But don't you want to avoid looking washed out? And you did say you wanted more color use? If he shades out the logo - where then is the color? Am I missing something here - it could be my lack of coffee. Give me a few and ill be back and fueled.

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    Nice work. The layout looks very well-done and blends in beautifully. Looks very professional as well.

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    It's a very clean layout, nice use of colors too. It's how a corporate site should be.
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