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    Thumbs up Desktop Wallpapers, Drink Recipes, Fonts, Hosting Directory & Other Sites

    WallpaperFight.Com - - Desktop Wallpaper Site

    Desktop wallpaper site. Add and rate wallpapers, modify categories, screenshots and many more features. The site has close to 600 wallpapers listed and available for download.

    Looking for offers over $39 with BIN @ $49

    WebmasterJunkyard.Com - - Webmaster Tool & Free Services Site

    WebmasterJunkyard is a free service site which provides a variety of FREE tools and services for webmasters such as free image hosting, free guestbooks, free counters, shortened URLs as well as a selection of seo related tools such as pagerank checker, links checker, meta-tag generator, link popularity tool, position report, backlinks checker, pagerank predictor and more. Scripts used on the site are turnkey and the design is a customized template.

    Looking for offers over $59 with BIN @ $69

    WebHostium.Com - - Hosting Directory

    The hosting directory is a mega resource for online organizations and business to list their hosting services that features a rating system. The administrator can moderate categories, sub categories and must approve all listings. This site is a great traffic builder developed on a PREMIUM HOSTING DOMAIN and includes a built in automated banner and newsletter system and sponsor links for advertising revenue generation. The site already has around 150 hosts listed.

    Looking for offers over $39 with BIN @ $49

    CheckFonts.Com - - Free Fonts Site

    This site offers over 250 free downloadable Windows & MAC fonts under a great domain.

    Looking for offers over $39 with BIN @ $49

    Img21.Com - - Image Hosting Service

    Image hosting site with a premium domain which can offer free and/or paid image hosting services.

    Looking for offers over $29 with BIN @ $39

    DrinkBully.Com - - Drinks Recipe Site

    Drinks recipe site with a premium domain. Add and rate recipes, modify categories, newsletter, ads and many more features.

    Looking for offers over $39 with BIN @ $49

    Domains are registered at NameCheap and come with an immediate FREE push. Sites are mostly using turnkey scripts with minor modifications. They are mostly brand new so only assume minimal traffic unless stated otherwise. Sites also come with 2 months free hosting. They are also submitted to all major search engines via our SEO software. Payment preferred via Paypal/Neteller.

    Please feel free to contact me via PM or E-MAIL if you have any questions.

    Thanks for looking,

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    WebmasterJunkyard.Com SOLD, please PM payment details thanks.

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