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    LocalMirror Content Delivery distribution 200Mbps and 400Mbps

    High Bandwidth Content Delivery Network based on LocalMirror standard Content Delivery Network (CDN).

    LocalMirror is content delivery network (CDN) provider offering high bandwidth static and streaming distribution using globally distributed cache edge nodes.

    Fast downloads, extra concurrent connections, increased speed and performance, no additional $$$ for expensive set-ups, offloads your web site and application server load and many other benefits.

    You can read more about our technology & service at

    This special is for HTTP, FTP and Windows Media Streaming (on-demand) Content Delivery.

    2 cache nodes located in USA and 2 in Europe.

    200Mbps Plan

    50Mbps Chicago (burstable to 100Mbps)
    50Mbps New Jersey/New York (burstable to 100Mbps)
    50Mbps London, UK (burstable to 100Mbps)
    50Mbps Germany (burstable to 100Mbps)

    Storage: 50GB
    Total bandwidth: 60,000GB or 60TB or ~200Mbps (outgoing)
    Standard LocalMirror Content Delivery Network enabled.
    $500 set-up

    400Mbps Plan

    100Mbps Chicago
    50Mbps New Jersey/New York
    50Mbps London, UK
    50Mbps Germany

    Storage: 80GB
    Total bandwidth: 120,000GB or 120TB or ~400Mbps (outgoing)
    Standard LocalMirror Content Delivery Network enabled.
    $500 set-up

    Both content distribution plans include:

    24/7 Support
    Fully managed
    Full traffic graphs
    Full raw log graphs
    LocalMirror CDN technology

    This special is valid till October 5th, 2006 for all WHT members.

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    sorry.... 400Mbps plan should be:

    100Mbps Chicago
    100Mbps New Jersey/New York
    100Mbps London, UK
    100Mbps Germany

    A total of 400Mbps outgoing bandwidth. Thanks!

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