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Thread: IMAP Email Gone

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    Unhappy IMAP Email Gone

    Hi There,

    My problem is like this, I try to transfer an account from my old host to new host.
    This is how I do, I download all the file using ftp and upload all the file to new host.

    Then I found that, website ok, email account created, database ok.. but
    IMAP email is gone...

    Anybody have any clue on this. Thanks

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    Do you still have access to the old host? It's usually in a folder called "cur" but varies on email server setup.
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    after i move all the email to new host.. I did found something that that email folder called "cur", everything is there.. but when I try to access it through webmail.. it is not there..

    is it configuration problem between old host and now host? any solutions.. Thanks

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    New Host is using the newer Exim format. You can tell which format is used by looking under Server Status, in Cpanel or WHM.

    old eMail method uses mbox (exim-4.52-7)
    new eMail method uses maildir (exim-4.52-15_cpanel_maildir)

    "After "MailDir" conversion, individuals logging into Horde WebMail from
    main user of control panel will no longer have opportunity to access all
    other mailboxes under same domain name. This resolves privacy concerns
    but for some, the previous ability to access other mailboxes was very convenient."

    In other words, whether using IMAP or not and with the 'maildir' format, you can only see the eMails for the Mailbox account you have logged in as. - for all your Hosting needs
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