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    Plans start at $6 a month / FREE DOMAIN with all packages / FREE HOSTING too

    We our launching our hosting company later in the month and have decided to offer several promotions to WHT users before the site is opened to the public.

    FREE domain with all paying packages

    We have plans starting from $5.95 a month.

    We are offering free hosting----
    • we'll host your own domain and you must display our banner
    • we'll host you as a sub of us and you don't display our banner

    All packages, even the $5.95/month come with a free of your choice.

    msn: [email protected]
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    Ill take a free domain on a free hosted subdomain please. Free domains with each package includes free ones, you have to comply, says it in the title, becomes legally binding. :p

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    Hilarious ds2. The message has been edited for paying packages.


    950 MB webspace
    55 GB/Mo. Bandwidth
    Unlimited Email Accounts
    25 Additional Domains
    MS FrontPage 2002
    30 Unique FTP Accounts
    Instant Account Activation
    Ensim site control panel


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    Saved you some dosh there.

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