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    Selling a hosting business

    I have been running a small hosting business, but have found that I no longer have the time to run it properly.

    Has anyone sold their business? what is the best way to do it and where is the best place to try and sell it?


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    Well im not sure he was actually looking for offers.

    Normally you can expect arond 12 months profit.
    A good place to sell it here in the right forum.

    People will normally want to know...

    How many clients, how much disk / bw they have paid for, how much they use, how much you charge, how many support requests they get, and your asking price.

    Also remember that will will be interested in what software you are including, and any domains you are includeing, how clients are billed, etc etc.
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    In my opinion, the ideal place to sell your business would be right here. There's an absolute influx of hosting companies on this forum, with many eager to expand their client base by making purchases. Just make sure you provide adequete information, and take the time to establish an NDA.

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    Ok I will get the spec and info together and see if anyone is interested.

    Thanks loads


    (btw. I'm a she)

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    I'd also suggest talking to your lawyer and accountant to make sure that everything is in order, and to make sure that you are covered.
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    Please remeber that the Main Forums are not the place to make or request offers. The thread starter is looking for information only.

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