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    $39.75/mo 55gb B/w - 2gb Space - Cogent W/ Backup & domain reseller

    I'm not going to get into a fancy ad or anything like that. I've been doing hosting for quite some time and I have stopped taking signups to better manage my own customers, think some things through and try to figure out a better plan. Everythings fine with us, we just don't want to take on new customers - So no, my site is not up

    BUT - I have 4 available reseller accounts for 39.75/mo

    55gb b/w

    2gb space


    Everyone knows cpanel no need for me to go all crazy on this ad

    unlimited domains, unlimited emails, etc, etc, etc.

    email [email protected]

    or call (732) 333-1066 x2 to place your order.

    VISA/MC/AMEX accepted, sorry no paypal (they just screwed me today, lol)

    It's in the 56 Mariata data center.


    Enom Reseller Accounts - $7.79/DOMAIN

    $45 SETUP

    Activation of Reseller account on payment.

    Pay the $45 to join, then $7.79/domain - Enjoy all of enoms benefits.

    Check them all out at

    They support API services, etc, etc, very beneficial.

    E-mail [email protected]. PM me or call (732) 333-1066 x2
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