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    Question for those that run php as cgi

    I've always run php as an apache module as I've always been the only one with access to my server but I am putting a few clients sites up soon and will be running php as cgi.

    My question is this, what do you do to compensate for the speed hit as cgi and what way do you secure it? Do you use eaccelerator, fastcgi with suphp, phpsuexec or the apache suexec wrapper?

    Any hints and links to tutorials on setting things up would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you using a control panel at all?

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    Yep, direct admin but I usually end up compiling php/apache myself.

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    I would set a fair KeepAliveTimeout and turn limit php/mysql concurrency as I see often if php through cgi is slow, it's not slow due to it's nature, but it may be slow as there may already be a performace penalty somewhere which gets worse when we have multiple php processes. I use phpsuexec as it is offered by cPanel apache updater.

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