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    Big Design Job, Site Design to Shopping Cart

    I need a website with the following

    There needs to be a SSL cert for credit cards. I need a shopping cart installed and upon checkout the buyer can choose to pay either by check, credit card, or paypal, possibly others. Once they have paid VIA whatever method I need the ability to view orders and look at what has been paid and what hasn't.

    There needs to be an easy to use admin panel where products added and deleted from the website.

    People need to be able to select what type of shipping they want (such as express or overnight or whatever) and there needs to be the option for pickup

    Needs to have a form that people can submit questions to sales with.

    Needs to have a bar that people can use to search the website for products

    People should be able to make an account with the website that has their information etc, so that upon return they can

    People need to be able to check their order status

    There are probably a few other things that I havenít thought of but this is pretty much the basics, its going to be a website selling electronics from a home furnishing store.

    Also, if there is anything else that you can think of that I might want please let me know

    Please send offers VIA PM along with a link to your portfolio

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    whats your budget ?

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    At this point I'm just looking at offers.

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    If oscommerce would work for what I need then it would problably be fine to use that.

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    Why reinvent the wheel? If you wanted a custom shopping website like you suggest then you're going to pay thousands.

    Then you have all the associated liabilities and what not. is a nice peice of software.

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    As I said, if there is a piece of software that would work out for the shopping cart I would be happy to use that.

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