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    About Service Status in CPanel

    Hello, im a little bit new to webhosting, and i was wondering if someone could explain me a little bit about what does the stats you can see clicking in the Service Status menu that you have with CPanel means.
    For example
    1st Scenario :
    Server Load 0.71 (2 cpus)
    Memory Used 75.2 %
    Swap Used 24.64 %
    Disk vzfs (/) 34 %

    2nd Scenario :
    Server Load 2.41 (2 cpus)
    Memory Used 77.6 %
    Swap Used 24.68 %
    Disk vzfs (/) 34 %

    What do we have in the 1st scenario and what do we have in the second one?
    Thank you.

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    It seems like both scenarios are on the same CPU and first scenario shows the server is running normal load while the 2nd one is pushing the server load a little above average, both shows 24% swap used and that looks pretty much normal.

    The Memory Used being 77% isn't very good but seems like the server is overall doing ok.

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  3. Both scenarios are relatively the same. The CPU usage on the 2nd one is slightly high but hopefully only due to a server spike.

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    Are this happening during different time of the day ? It is possible that the spike in the 2nd scenario due to stats generation and or backups. I always find my server spike quite a bit when the server does backup. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    On both, I will try to optimize server again, even upgrading kernel. I dont like swap numbers there

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    Im new to this..what swap numbers means? and 77% of memory used looks kinda high to me, but i dont know much about it? is it ok 77%?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gate2vn
    On both, I will try to optimize server again, even upgrading kernel. I dont like swap numbers there
    Shame you can't, being a VPS (virtuozzo).
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