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    Thumbs up forget dotster, go for enom

    If any of you interested in ENOM reseller account then heres the opportunity.

    No setup charges for creating your reseller account. Prices for registing, renewing, transferring domains are $8.95 for .com , .net ,.org ,.biz ,.info & .us /YEAR

    There are no hard limits for the number of domain that you can register.

    If your domain turnaround is greater then 100 domains per month you'll get additional discount.

    You have the ability to create sub-reseller account, you can setup rocket registry or you can fund your account with innitial deposit thats your choice.

    Enom API is also available in perl/php & asp

    Your company name can also be seen in whois info further enom has some great features including URL forwarding , 50 email accounts, and some other goodies which are usually charged by other registrars like godaddy, so rush away or Private msg me for further details.

    Account can be created in only 12 hours.

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    But how much, if any money do you have to put up first?
    Don't you need to have a balance before you can sign up?


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    I'm quite sure that you have to put $100 (USD) into your reseller account. That's really not bad. That's only on the order of 10 domains.

    I'm an enom reseller also. The features that you get for the price is very nice. (hey that rhymes).

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    Thanks for the info ffeingol

    Mantra, actually theres no need for any balance before you signup (usually enom charges upfront fee but in this case theres no such fee), after you sign up ,your account will show $0 balance, now if you want to go with registry rocket there's no need to add funds, all you have to do is to run registry rocket setup ( enom will deduct 3% + 095 cents per transaction) on your website, the other option is that you put innitial deposit in your account (most people prefer that) whenever you'll register a domain 8.95$ would be deducted from your account.

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    Are you yourself a reseller of ??

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    hmm, never been to that site till you posted that link

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    So that probably means you're a reseller of another reseller? (of another reseller, etc maybe)

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    Oh well, no need to think that hard!

    We are enom reseller

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    I also, agree enom is very good. I have an reseller account with them for about a year, and an half now. It is a very good place to get your domains. It's well worth the deposit, if you buy alot of domains.
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    Due to a good response we'll keep that offer alive for 2 days more after that additional 20$ setup charges would be applied!

    you don't have to pay anything and you get a reseller account for registering domain @8.95$ , so simple!

    PM me before this offer ends to avail this opportunity.

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