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    Thumbs up Good ServerSupportGuys/ByteFortress experience

    Just wanted to relate a positive experience recently with ServerSupportGuys/ByteFortress (

    After one of our company's cpanel servers went down due to a critical directory being deleted by a tech at PlatinumServerManagement, the management service with whom we had been under contract, our server was rendered inaccessible via SSH. After several hours of desperately trying to get the server back up and going in circles with PSM, which ultimately ended with the suggestion of installing a new drive and restoring from backup (always the last resort in our emergency contingency plan), we turned to WHT to get a second opinion from an emergency sysadmin. As this incident occurred well after business hours, our options were limited, and we searched for a reputable, highly rated sysadmin who could help us get back online fast. After seeing consistent praise for ServerSupportGuys on several threads, we decided to give them a try.

    While I must say the process of reaching a solution was not an easy one, ServerSupportGuys was able to repair the server without any loss of data that would have occurred had we restored from backup. Aaron and Lyron at ServerSupportGuys were attentive at helping us and worked around the clock to get us back online. ServerSupportGuys handled the incident professionally and our experience with them led us to sign up for their monthly management service so we can have them on call in the event that any future issues arise.

    While their rates are higher than some of the other server management companies out there, the quality of support, personal attention, and peace of mind is well worth the money. I would encourage anyone looking for a server management service, emergency sysadmin, or even just a backup sysadmin to consider ServerSupportGuys.

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    Thumbs up

    While my experience is with the ByteFortress side of things, I'm giving them a thumbs up. Using them for my remote backup... from the time I clicked the payment button to the time I was able to log into my account was at most two or three minutes.

    Good sales and support and pricing for their remote backups, so I imagine their other services are as excellent as well.

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