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    Hosting Reseller that accepts bank transfer?

    Hey, im looking for a hosting reseller service that accepts bank transfers as payment method, do you guys know any good one? a very very good one?

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    Hi David,

    There aren't any hosts that I know of that accept bank transfers, but I do know of few that accept mail in payments, but again the more reliable / bigger hosting companies only accept credit cards or checks if you are making big payments monthly.

    Why not just get a debit card from your bank? Those tend to work very well and most hosts should accept debit cards directly

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  3. You may be able to work out a deal with companies if you agree to pay on a yearly basis. A hosting company may be reluctant to accept bank transfers on a monthly basis because it can't integrate into their billing manager (They would have to auto-update it manually)

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    Yes, a yearly basis would be ok, the problem is, wich one, i was wondering if you knew a good one.

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    All of indonesian hosting company accept bank transfer.

  6. What are your requirements for the account (disk space, bandwidth, etc)?

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    Yes, i noticed that most companies from Indonesia and India take bank transfers, but it's a little bit far dont you think?
    Do you think its a good option?

    About disk space, etc, i dont know, i was wondering i could get some offers, and see wich one is better.

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    Take a look at :

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    Its very rare to find these kind of payment options, but I think alot of factors just make them to accept mail or cc as options, for example: I accept bank transfer from a certain target which are people who lives in the same country I live (makes sense right?) because people from another country would have the CC option, and that is affected by our economy, my target..and most host target around here SHOULD offer bank transfer, but other countries..havent seen it yet

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    Depending upon the amount and the location of your bank, there may actually be a fee for a transfer. So if you're only spending $50/year, then this is something to consider. Mail is a much more viable option and any reputable provider should be willing to help you out on that one. Stating the desired budget and specs, will help us point you in the right direction.

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    1,651 will if you pay for 6 months or a year or something, just email them but i know they used too
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