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    Help with Hosting Decision please.

    Hey, i need some help from people that knows about computer specs, specially server specs, i have two hosting offers
    1.- Pentium 4 Processor at 3.0 GHz
    2.- AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 246
    Speed - 1004.494mhz
    Cache size - 1024kb

    They both run in unix/linux

    Simple question, wich one is better?
    Thank you.

  2. What are you planning to use this server for?

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    The opteron is better. But it does depend what for...
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    Well, its for a reselling accout, but does it really matters what for? for now it will have some small business sites, and maybe a small search engine.

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    Well, i dont know much about procesors, that is why i ask, for example the way i see it, if i see a pentium IV 2gz and a pentium IV 3gz my "comon sense" tells me that the pentium IV 3gz is better, no matter what do you use it for, makes no difference, in this case, someone that dosnt know much about processors, like me, would say, hey, the 3gz pentium 4 is better than a 1gz opteron, becouse it has 3gz, no matter what do you use it for, but i dont know, that is why im asking, maybe some off you know better about processors, at least about this amd opteron 240, i know a lil about the pentium 4 but no idea about the opteron.
    Could this opteron beat the pentium 4 in performance?

    P.S. sorry for double post.

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    Are you saying you're looking at two different hosts for a reseller account, and these are the server specs they're using? If so the hardware is irrelevant - what matters is how each host manages the server (how many users, what load is acceptable etc). An unloaded P3 would out-perform an overloaded Opteron...

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    yes they are both different hosts, but imagine they have the same load, wich one would have a better performance? maybe its more a question about procesors, wich procesor is better?

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    One is a desktop processor and one is a server processor.
    How can you compare?

    Server processors tend to be more stable and handle more load comparing with a desktop processor.
    And with server processor, you can have 2 CPUs or more.
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    I really cannot say which one is "better"; but I think the question is not that interesting.
    I am sure there are other, much more important, things to look for when comparing web hosting plans - such as the reputation of the company etc.

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    To be honest, both of them should work fine for Reseller Hosting where the loads are not TOO bad.

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    What Yupapa says is interesting for me, the Opteron is a server processor, it can have 2 CPUs, or more, so i guess the opteron wins on this one.
    I asked this question because i wanted to know wich server would be better, based on the server cpu, just imagine that everything else is the same for both, they have the same load, same company reputation, everything the same per say, the problem with this is that you cant see how loaded is a server before you sign up, can you? after you sign up you might look the server stats wich i think gives you an idea on how is the server doing, so i was trying to base my decission on the server specs, because the companies are kinda the same in reputation and all.

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