Just ordered the celeron dedicated server from:-

1paket.com - $79 a month (42) - https://www.1paket.com/neu/english/rootserver.html

I run a site with a forum. The forum gets around 80 - 100 people on @ 5pm - 9pm and about 50 from 12pm - 5pm

Was originally hosted with hasweb.com on the 4 gb space / 75 gb bw package. Only just started getting busier now and tonight we have maxed 75 GB in 18 days. I expect it to double in the next 2 month or so hence the dedicated server.

Few questions I would like to ask:-

Whats the best email clients to use on the server for webmail? So users can sign up for email accounts themselves?

What kind of security is needed?

Whats the best shoutcast program to use so I can run radio?

Is there any other good programs worth having install?

Thanks for your help