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    Popular Proxy Network for sale! $400 monthly revenue

    Domains: PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 5

    All of the domains have whois protection for 1-2 years left.

    Age of site (months): 6 months

    Type of site:
    Established and functional website with traffic

    Monthly revenue: $450 average

    I advertise with Adversal, Google Adsense and Rightmedia (which is not allowing proxies anymore).

    Some information about the advertisements. Google Adsense has been on since the start of the site, Rightmedia was added two months later and Adversal was added a month after that. Since Rightmedia dosn't allow proxy sites anymore you can easily find other advertisers on sites like webhostingtalk, sitepoint ect.

    Revenue report here:

    Google Adsense:

    Traffic details:
    I do not have any current traffic details except for the past 30days ~ since statscounter lags the site I do not use it. I reformatted the server a month ago due to an error I had made.


    The websites are running a combination of php and cgi proxy script. The script has been heavily modified. As you can see on the php proxy the

    mini-bar doesn’t disappear and you can't get rid of it, there is hotlinking protection enabled and the script has been tweaked for best banner placement possible. The cgiproxy also doesn’t allow the mini-bar to disappear and the script is modified for the best ad placement. The topsite also has a special modification for banning sobhert websites.

    The proxies require not management after you set them up. You just leave them there and you shouldn't have to even touch the server for months.

    I will provide support/advertisement techniques to the winning bidder for a few months. There is no server included with this auction.

    Bandwidth: It uses about 1500GB a month and is hosted on an AMD 3100+ with 2 gigs of ram.

    Why am I selling the site: I am looking to have some money to jump start some of my other non-proxy websites.

    Starting Bid: $100.00

    Buy It Now: $6000.00

    What you get: All 5 domains listed and the website content/files

    Auction terms: Minimum $10 bid increments

    Auction close: Thursday Sept. 21th, 11:59PM PST. (There is a reserved price)

    Payment terms: - Split Fees

    -mult auction

    please make all bids on sitepoint
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    How much are you paying for servers? What's the NET income?

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    Would you split the network?

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