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    Best accounting software?

    I heard quickbooks is good for small businesses?

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    That's what I just switched to (QB Simple Start) for my new venture, and I like it pretty well. Because we have a narrow income stream and an uncomplicated business structure, it's sufficient for our needs. If your business is mid-sized or large (or you want to use the advanced features that aren't present in the Simple Start version), you may wish to use a more advanced version of QuickBooks.

    Keep in mind, though, that there are other packages out there. Though QuickBooks is the most popular, it may not necessarily be the best for most folks' needs.
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    Depends on what you need. For example, I use quickent for business and it works great... but I also have an accountant to look over my books once a year. well, I also have some spreadsheets and other stuff. I'm also fairly good on the money side of the business. If I ever started to have inventory, I would switch to quickbooks...

    When I searched it came down to quicken, quickbooks and Microsoft small business (I believe). I really wanted to use microsoft because it was oh, so cheap. At the end I went with what was best for me at the time...

    One last thought, I would pick up some college books on accounting so you understand what is happening in your accounting software. I was lucky and learned the "old fashion" way with paper books, so the move was not that bad. Even now I keep a mix of software and paper (not really paper, but spreadsheets) to keep track of things... works great... my accountant loves me... lol...

    Oh, and the tax laws change every year... save yourself a ton of pain and have an accountant do your business taxes...
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    i have used peachtree in the past. its not bad but im more used to with quickbooks good for small business.

    btw, hekwu, microsoft is definately not the answer.

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    I think 2 best software for accounting is QuickBooks and Sage
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