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Thread: Port Watcher?

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    Port Watcher?

    Is their any way to get a program on your server that is either online or offline too that you can watch ports for example

    So you can monitor ports on your server?

    -- My friend asked me this so I though I'd ask. Im curious too to be honest..


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    Monitor the ports for what purpose?

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    Perhaps for intrusion detection. Are you looking to monitor your own server ports and what's connected to them (good) or other servers ports (bad)?
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    Are you just trying to find out what ports your server is listening for connections on?

    run netstat -l

    and if you want a web version... write a simple shell script to output that...

    echo "<HTML>"
    echo "<HEAD><TITLE>Open Ports</TITLE></HEAD>"
    echo "<BODY>"
    echo "<PRE>"
    netstat -l
    echo "</PRE>"
    echo "</BODY>"
    echo "</HTML>"

    If not.. then I don't understand either what you're looking for

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    I want to be able to monitor my own customer ports, lets say I have something on

    And I want to monitor it and be able to watch it and check out its downtime(if possible) just be able to make sure its online. What program can do that that I can also view online? Like visit http://???.com/customport_uptime/ or somin like that

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    this might help you out.

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    Do you mean something like nagios? And then run nrpe on each of the servers to check that all expected services are running?

    I do that with servers/services I look after and it's all linked up to a cell phone with gnokii.
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