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    * warning about a host!

    Has anyone here ever heard of ? The company name is "Global Internet Solutions". If not then I would like to warn
    you about this company and how they operate.
    Last year in June, after being with my first host for over 2 years, thought it time to look for a host that was less expensive. ( Big
    mistake ! ) I was paying 228 dollars a year for my account. Although I was very happy with my host in ways of support and
    uptime , it was too much to pay for a personal site.
    And so I started looking for a new host. I found this one and everything looked good , so I signed up. That is where
    the trouble already started. I was trying to sign up , had entered all the info and credit card information, but then I received an
    error page. . I did not receive any welcome message or payment confirmed e mail. Nothing .
    I then wrote to them to ask if my payment had gone through , this is part of the e mail I sent to them the same day.

    "Account setup?
    I have signed up with your services and while waiting for it to be
    proceeded, I was redirected to a error page. Please inform if all has
    been setup and payments went through."

    This is what I received the NEXT day as answer to my e mail :
    "Dear ,
    >> You are getting the error message because your domain name is being
    >> transferred and due to this your browser cannot "reach" it. Please wait
    >> for
    >> your domain name transfer to complete and you will be able to access your
    >> site without a problem.
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Global Internet Solutions "

    Now is this an automated reply or not?

    I then wrote to them this:

    " I think there is a misunderstanding here.
    > I have not yet received any kind of e mail from you stating if the account
    > was
    > set up. I didn't get passed the page signing up after I entered my visa
    > card .
    > No confirmation that I signed up or password.
    > Please look into this. I can reach my domain as it is still in the same
    > place
    > and has not been transferred."
    ( note: I was not asking about my domain, I was asking if my payment had went through and if the account was set up! My
    domain was were it always was. )

    The answer to this this e mail , I received the 24 hours later, and it was
    the automated " congratulation " for joining mail ! Standard automated mail sent to new clients. No mention of my e mail or
    what I had asked about. No excuses, no sorry for the mix-up , just an automated e mail responds.
    Now if this wasn't enough it took ages before my site was transferred. I do know How long it can take, but with all the hassle I
    had with this company from the start I decided that I would not use them after all.
    There was a 30 day money back guaranty.
    I sent them the e mail to inform them that I was not satisfied and wanted my money back. To make a long story short I did not
    receive my money back even after sending my cancellation to all departments.
    They never replied to my e mails.
    I did look them up at the bbb ( should have done this first! ) and there were complaints of the company charging after accounts
    were canceled.

    As I live in Belgium it is not easy to charge back and I left it at that and wrote it up to experience.( losing close to 100 dollars
    on it ) But to be on the safe side I did change my visa so no charges could be made.
    Luckily I did that because now , believe it
    or not , a year later ( Today ) I received an e mail from them that there were problems with my cc and they couldn't process my payment
    and wanted me to pay them for the year to come! !

    If you ever are searching for a host, check with the bbb first. If I had done this I would have saved myself 100 dollars and allot
    of hassle.
    Here is what the bbb has on them. What I should have seen first!

    "We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business performance record. Complaints allege unauthorized credit card
    charges, dissatisfaction with services, and difficulty implementing cancellation and refund policies. Some customers complain of
    getting continual credit card charges for service, long after cancellations are submitted. Other customers complain of excessive
    time delays setting up websites or domain transfers to G I S. A few customers report no local access lines exist in their area,
    and thet are unable to commence services. Many customers complain about the lack of technical support available, inability to
    reach customer service, or that service representatives are not helpful in resolving problems. The company responds to some
    complaints by denying allegations or disputing the validity of the complaint. Other complaints are addressed by sending
    advisories stating the customer was unable to contact service representatives due to an incorrect Email address listing. In some
    cases, credits are issued and cancellations noted at the customer's request. Some complaints are closed as disputed.
    Complainants are unsatisfied with the company's response. Most complaints are unanswered. The Better Business Bureau does
    not endorse, recommend or disapprove of any company, product or service. "


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    My opinion alwas was that you should never trust ANYONE if they don't have a Certificate (GlobalSign, VeriSign, GeoTrust etc). If they have that things are much more serious and at least SOMEHOW secure. If they don't they can be anyone... think!

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    Originally posted by ShareFile
    My opinion alwas was that you should never trust ANYONE if they don't have a Certificate (GlobalSign, VeriSign, GeoTrust etc). If they have that things are much more serious and at least SOMEHOW secure. If they don't they can be anyone... think!
    Even an SSL cert is no guarantee, particularly as the off-brand certificate issuers don't do any sort of verification of the business itself like Verisign does, one of them just makes sure that the requester of the cert and the domain name's administrative email address match.

    And, you can sign your own certificates. You don't need to go through an issuer.

    Always thoroughly investigate any company that you don't know before deciding to do business with them, particularly your credit card information.
    All your hosts are belong to us

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    Originally posted by Phoenix
    And, you can sign your own certificates. You don't need to go through an issuer.
    Not quite true. If you use a self-signed certificate, the user will be notified of this by their web browser. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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    And then it's up to the user to decide whether or not to trust them. Microsoft signs their own certs, but people trust them.
    Also, it's difficult, but not impossible, to fake a cert.

    They'll also be notified via web browser if you've used a reputable cert issuer like Verisign or Thawte, or a no-name company issuing them cheaply without proper verification.
    All your hosts are belong to us

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