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    Exclamation IMAP Servers - Opinions!

    I'm interested to have the opinions of all about IMAP servers. Feel free to list your experiences but make sure you come up with solid arguments. Share your thoughts on:
    - which IMAP servers (Dovecot, Cyrus, Courier, UW, others)
    - which MTAs (Exim, Postfix, Zmailer, Qmail, others)
    - Which MDAs
    - which formats (qmail, maildir, mbox, others)
    are considered the hottest ones (reliable, secure, efficient, stable, "feature packed") Which set up/combination is largely used?
    What is your dream implementation of IMAP?

    I'm not searching for a specific answer or suggestion to answer my own needs. This is meant as a friendly way to have and discuss an IMAP topic.

    If by an unfortunate error I have posted in the forum, I ask the moderator to transfer this thread to a proper home.


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    You should have read:
    "If by an unfortunate error I have posted in the wrong forum, I ask [...]"


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