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    Angry ixwebhosting and site studio

    I have been with ixwebhosting just over a month...spent many many hours creating a website for my kids' high school band using site studio. Have been unable to access my site to make changes for about a week. Finally last night they say "sorry...we had a bad harddrive...your data has all been will have to recreate your website from scratch." My site can still be viewed online. I am a newbie and know nothing about html, but it seems to me that if the site can still be viewed, there must be some way to retrieve it. There is no option on Site Studio to allow me to backup to my own computer, because obviously ixwebhosting is not backing up properly. Are they just feeding me a line of bull because they don't want to take the time to fix it? Thanks!

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    Yes, if your site can be viewed online then the files must exist somewhere.

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    Hello csteigerwald,

    sitestudio just creates static html pages. So, even if their sitestudio install gets re-installed and they didnt have the hsphere pg sql db backed up to keep the connections to sitestudio and your account active (which is scary) - you still have your site and you can backup it up anytime you like using any ftp client.

    The problem is that you will not be able to edit it or update it using sitestudio any longer - and if you want to do this, you will need to re-create it from within sitestudio.

    The only way to edit your site now is to edit the raw html code.

    Unfortunately, you cannot even move this sitestudio install now. I mean, you can move the files and host it elsewhere - however, again, if you want to use the sitestudio editor to add pages or edit pages, you will need to re-create it.

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    We've had this problem in the past, basically your pretty much stuck on the host you're currently using if they're on SiteStudio as you will require to use it to edit/update the site and if you wish to switch host you'll be spending much time searching for a host that advertises Site Studio as Site Studio, not Site Builder

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    Download a free HTML editor that has WYSIWYG and download your files using FTP and edit them. Then upload them again.

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