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    Angry Help finding registrar with specifics (DNS, Price, Selection)

    Wow, have I gotten tired of the domain game I'm playing. Paying 4 different companies for registration, being stuck with crappy, hardly ever working admin panels, and frustrated by downtimes -- I need a combined, working solution.

    I own about 10 domains, and I want to consolidate with a single vendor. This vendor should be able to renew my domains and I want them to provide a great DNS management system. Here's some general wish list items:
    1. Paypal Payments (not required, but a +)
    2. DNS management
      1. Wildcard support
      2. No "limits"
      3. Quick/Instant propogation updates for changes to DNS files
    3. Globally diverse name servers
    4. Up to $20/domain (if the service and reliability are great, I'd pay for it.)
    The last, and ultimate, requirement is that my domains are in a few ... non-standard TLD's. I need a registrar I can trust that can do most of the above AND deal with these TLD's:
    1. the trifecta: com, new, org
    2. .cc
    3. .st
    That, at this point, has been my primary stumbling block -- finding a registrar that can do all 5 domain types AND give me awesome DNS control.

    Does anyone out there know where I can find this?

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    Do any of the major registrars handle .st domains? (Sao Tome and Principe)
    According to anyone can be a .st reseller.
    Regular price is $35 euros but anyone can buy "credits". Buy 10 credits at $250 and you pay $25 per domain, 500 credits=$15/domain.

    If you want a .st domain you might be better going direct thru the registry rather than thru a reseller.

    I'd recommend domainsite or namecheap for your other needs.

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    I do go through right now -- the idea is that I'd like to consolidate all my domain holdings under a single provider.

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    The problem is to find a large/reputable registrar which handles .st domains. If you could provide us with a list of .st registrars we could give you some opinion on them. You might be better off keeping you .st registrations the way they are now and consolidating the rest. eNom, NameCheap, DomainSite, are all good options.
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