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    Transfer- Pentium 4- 2.8, 1000GB, $55/month

    Hello, i have a extra server that i'm willing to transfer. I purcahsed the server, but the set-up time was a bit slow and i have no need for it. The server has not been touched!


    Intel Pentium 4- 2.8 GHz
    1 GB DDRam
    120GB EIDE HD
    Fedora Core4
    Plesk 7.5 (30 domains)
    1,000 GB Transfer
    Month to Month contract

    Location: San Jose, CA

    $55 due at transfer, server paid until October 18th
    $65 the following month (Nov. 18th)
    $99 each month afterwards (Dec 19th)

    Please PM for additional details.


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    Where did you get the servers from? Where are they located? Do you have 1 of each?
    Reliable + Fast Servers

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    I would like to buy this but I have a few problems:

    - I only have an epassporte account to send money
    - I cannot PM you because of me being a new member

    Also, I would like proof you have not touched this server because I will be doing SEO work for a client, and I need assurance these IPs are not banned in Google or such.

    Can you post your AIM or MSN info so I can speak to you? thanks

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