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    looking for a server

    Apologies if this isn't the best place to ask but I'm looking for an dual core amd processor with 1 gig of ram spec dedicated server located in the central US for hosting a small number of game servers. My budget is $170 canadian dollars or cheaper if there is such a thing for my request and I need it to run Windows XP since the game in question only has a windows server available.

    If anyone can provide this, or if you could recommend a good US game hosting company I'd appreciate it. I've had some bad experiences in the past and am looking for a good, reliable host. Wanting it to be a 16 player server.

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    What location(s) are you looking for?

    Also, I believe most providers offer Windows 2k3 instead of Windows XP...

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    Hello Green1,
    Welcome to WHT©, have you checked the offers page?

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    Depending on where your gamers are at you might have better luck trying nearby (i.e. Canada).

    Is there a specific game you're looking to run?
    Do you know of the resource requirements?
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    For about $185 per month you can get a Dual Core 1 GB system through We use their network for gaming purposes and it's definately the smoothest network I've ever used for gaming.
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    It's for a small game called Unreal 2 XMP and a resource hog
    so to have a good lag free server i need some good parts. I'll also try out the server forum and the link provided above, i'm sure i can make an exception if it's just alittle over my budget. It can be windows 2003 aswell as XP and aslong as it's got AMD dual core and a gig of ram and maybe 2-2.5 ghz it should be good, and anywhere in central USA is fine. I dont care if i get bad ping but my previous provider (VSK)
    had servers everyone on the game loved, even the euros and that's saying something! 1 who's always had 250 ping in us servers gets a solid 160 in mine. I got big issues with how they are so i'm wanting something similar to that server wise. It's not for me, the's for the players and to keep them happy with lagless free server as most are in the eastern part of the states (me from bc canada).
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    It's now been changed to 2-2.5 ghz, 2 gigs of ram, amd processor, and alot of memory.

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