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    Did bite the dust?

    Anyone know what has happened to Looks like their whole site has crashed. Man, when will I ever learn?

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    all down

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Paul
    Anyone know what has happened to Looks like their whole site has crashed. Man, when will I ever learn? down, so are my sites hosted with them in their reseller hosting.

    they have been good, or atleast not bad all this while but for the past 6 hours alls been blacked out

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    May want to try contacting them here on WHT:

    Good luck!
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    thanks david, will do that

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    Looks like they were down for several - many hours, but seem to be back.
    I do not know the story but have to say for my 'cheaper' clients
    my reseller account with them has proven ideal.
    Value for money - and always 'polite'.
    I truely hope this was a glitch which won't get repeated.

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    I don't think is doing anything to better their server uptime or commitment to existing customers . Not only have my sites been down regularly on the so call 'system upgrade', there have been non-resolution on their DNS records pointing to my sites for already a month. Recently I received the following email from them - apparently an excuse to bump everyone to a "lowest business account".

    Why an 'excuse' you ask? Because I have deactivated all email accounts for a long time when I host with them to save bandwidth.

    So whatever they are excusing themselves, I pretty much guess it's all about increased $$$ on hosting services through a badly executed PR. The message they sent all point to a 'down-your-throat' sales letter and rate-hike, instead of a support communication.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ From email ^^^^^^^^^^^

    Over the past few weeks we have noticed a massive increase in the amount of email activity on your account, so much so that it is now affecting the performance of the server.

    Firstly we need to know what the nature of the email being sent/received so we can asses the situation and secondly if you renew with us at the end of this month you will have to reduce the number of email you send including upgrading your account to a business account.

    Our lowest business account package is as follows:

    1000MB Space
    30GB Bandwidth per Month
    10 Email Addresses
    10 Sub-Domain
    10 FTP Accounts
    100% Uptime*

    $49.99 per Year


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    Hi all,

    Before we start here is a list of our uptime as recorded by

    Year Month Uptime Ratings Outages Durations
    2006 September 99.66 % Excellent 2 115 mins
    2006 August 99.90 % Excellent 1 45 mins
    2006 July 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 mins
    2006 June 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 mins
    2006 May 99.52 % Excellent 4 216 mins
    2006 April 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 mins
    2006 March 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 mins
    2006 February 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 mins

    As can be seen our downtime has not been below 99.5% in any one month and currently stands at 99.87 over the 8 month recorded period.

    The downtime in May was due to us moving to GNAX from another data centre and although we would have liked to have no downtime it cannot be guaranteed in such a large move. The downtime was only to due to the DNS updates on the servers not the actual transfer and every client was notified of this before hand.

    The downtime in August was due to a move from the old GNAX facility to their new Data centre, and to have only 45 minutes downtime on this is a fantastic achievement by the GNAX team. Again clients were notified of this before hand.

    This downtime seen in September was initially thought to be a server attack; we took the server offline and rebooted it. When back online the attacks started again this time itís was much worse and we lost complete control of the server and it wasnít responding, although it was online. We had to ask the DC to go in from their end and solve the problem.

    After about an hour of investigation they couldnít see why this was happening and restarted the server again.

    It wasn't until about 24 hours later we found the cause of the problem, not be an attack as such but more of a bombardment of emails being received and sent from what is now know to be "globewalker" account. The account was sending/receiving so many emails that our server could not handle them.

    Before this had happened we had offered "globewalker" the account spec he posted as it was already becoming a problem for the server the account was hosted on. We were going to move him to a less populated server where a maximum of 15 client accounts would be hosted.

    To put this into perspective, on a Sunday night we sent a client an email saying we could not handle the current email quantity they were sending/receiving and that this would have to be reduced. Also the client would have to move to our business based server as their site was unfit for a shared server.

    Then on the Monday we received a massive server performance degrade as this account had started sending and receiving a lot more emails. It affected all our clients on that server and we had some downtime trying to sort the problem. When we enabled our spam software the performance got worse as there were even too many emails for the spam assistant to filter through.

    In the end we backed up this clients account then removed it from our server. As soon as the account was removed everything was returned to normal and the server load went down from over 130% to 0.6%-1.1% as expected.

    We offered this client their account backup and told the user our servers cannot support their site as it is to demanding for the resources we have available:

    Dual Xeon 3.06GHz with HT
    2GB DDR2 Ram
    250GB SATA HDD
    Dedicated 10mbps Connection

    This clientís yearly contract was to run out on 29/09/2006 and the incident occurred on 18/09/2006. This client only had 11 days left of his contract and we couldnít let the client abuse the server in his last days of the contract (whether in their control or not).

    We were very apologetic and gave the client full access to their account backup. We feel we were very fair on this and hope the client can find a more suitable host for his site.

    Please feel free to leave any comments below.


    MaxieHost Admin

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    Sounds Good, Maxie. How about your client?

    Your explanations read and I 'm wondering if you counted how many communication instances you have with the client?

    As far as the client concern, it's only the 'Saturday night' email you sent out informing about the spammed account, with a notice that the account is stopped there and then. A couple of clarifications from the client side:

    1. Even if there are only 11 days left, it doesn't mean you can just cancel the account and without effort to troubleshoot the spamming problem with the client. Is it the client's fault that his account was spammed? If so, is there enough warning from Maxie so something can be reactified? None so far.

    2. As suggested by the client, a plea was made to cancel the MX records so email functions will be invalidated at the client account. No response from Maxie again.

    3. Given the sudden bump of your hosting plans - even your website reflects it - I really suspect the integrity of your hosting practice so far. Even before the email you sent on the Saturday, DNS records were already missing and if so, how can the client log into cPanel and correct the spamming problem at his email accounts, if any?

    4. Basically, this is just a One Email - One Immediate Cancellation. No further discussions from Maxie to client. This is the real problem. You can charge $1 hosting or $100 hosting, either way, if your integrity to client is of '11 days left of his contract" attitude, then it's of no use how you decide or explain on the client account's fate with your reply.

    5. Anyone can spam anonymously. How do the client know this spam is genuinely spam or artificially created to justify business profitability reasoning? Given above, there certainly is a lack of integrity and honor between Maxie and client.

    6. Good luck to your new 'business class' hosting package, Maxie. Hah!

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    We gave the reasons above why your cancellation took place. Itís not that difficult to understand. Your account over the last few months started to increase the number of email being sent and received and it was already becoming a problem. We sent YOU and no one else the email with a new business package price.

    As per your request we removed the MX records but this did nothing as then the emails were simply being redirected to our servers default contact email address. We tried enabling the spam filter but only made the performance worse.

    The fact that we removed your account doesnít mean we wanted to, it was a necessity to ensure our other clients on that server continued to receive their expected performance and uptime.

    We and the DC support team tried several options to stop the spam (some are listed above) without any success. The only option was to remove your account.

    1. So in answer to your first question, YES we can remove the account as for one, we did try to stop the spam and secondly we donít tolerate spam.

    2. The spam was not only incoming, it was outgoing also. We had told you in the emails we sent to you that our servers cannot support your site as it is to demanding for the resources we have available. Therefore we could not rectify the problem otherwise we would still be hosting your account.

    We had already investigated your account and tried everything we could so we didnít need for you to investigate your account.

    3. What bump in price you are talking about? There have been no changes in the last 6 months so how you can say our website reflects changes in price is beyond us as its absolutely not true.

    What DNS records where missing? And are you now telling us that you were unable to login to your control panel? If so why not complain about that before? As every one of our other 200+ client on that server have no problems what so ever logging into cPanel. This is just another attempt to slander the MaxieHost name.

    4. There were several emails sent not one, please at least tell the truth when making such statements as this.

    There was a lot of time spent trying to stop/disable the spam then we removed your account. It wasnít immediate at all. We gave you your account backup, were very polite and apologetic with you. We received no further emails after that so we didnít feel the necessity to send you any.

    If a client signs up and they start abusing our server the next day we would remove their account, it is just fortunate for you that you only had 11 days left.

    5. Now you are being really silly, why would we cause a massive server performance degrade that lasted over an hour, downtime to all our clients just to get rid of a one client thatís on our lowest paid package???

    We have fantastic relationships with our clients and will go to the ends of the earth when they have a problem. In your case we just couldnít do anything about it.

    I think we had better leave it there as you are obviously very childish and think you are funny but no one is laughing here.

    Thank you for challenging us on this "globewalker", we wish you the very best in the future.

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    being a client from Maxiehost, i understand and agree its answer.

    their service is good, as expected.

    A little more reactive for the support would be best, but, currently i'm not hurry.

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