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    circle hosting problems

    hello there

    is anyone out there having problems with circle hosting (, i can't access my cpanel or whm, neither can i or my clients send or receive emails or write to databases.

    does anyone know how i can reach them in any other way besides there (malfunctioning ) ticket system or email. I've bee trying these all day

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    You can try the phone number listed in there domain whois:


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    i tried that, unfortunately no luck, just a skype voicmail that remains unanswered - thanks all the same

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    Same problem here

    I have two websites hosted with them,
    I have not been able to get hold of them at all been down all day -
    starting to get worried now!

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    i've just heard from ben
    apparently it's a hardware problem which is being fixed, although the converstion didn't exactly fill me with confidence. Still at least contact has benn made.

    I'll post later if i get an update

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    Thanks for the info,
    At least we know they aint gone bust! lol

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    How did you manage to get hold of ben?
    I have been trying all day to get hold of ben or klaus.

    you would think they would put some kind of announcement up on the support pages. that would certainly save us from trying to get hold of them all day

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    Thank you for letting us know you were able to contact 'Ben' please keep us updated on the progress.

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    maybe it was the weight of emails i was sending, dunno? It's getting a bit ridiculous now, I really could do without this running into tommorow, at present all my sites are down, no one has email and no one can get into cpanel. I'm hoping the lack of contact is because they are so busy trying to get things up and running - certainly hope so!

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    re. the support page, have you checked it recently... not looking pretty

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    Just keep trying to get in touch with them, I'm sure they're trying to work on the issue, try not to submit multiple tickets on same issue and hopefully they'll reply to it asap, definitely keep in touch with their owner of you can with any updates and cross your fingers for it to be back up soon.


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    same here, im on the reseller, and things are looking very worrying. Ive been with Circlehosting for about 4months now, and have to say in that time the service has been flawless. Just a shame about today, I really do hope this is rectified by tommorow tho!!!.

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    Keep us informed of what goes on with this situation.

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    Thumbs down

    Still down,

    Looks like I will be looking for a new host today. can't afford to have my website down all this time.

    Don't know what the problem is at circle but things seem to have got worse over night!

    Yesterday I had ftp access, had access to website, but was getting database errors.

    Today I have No ftp access, No Cpanel, just nothing...

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    Ive heard nothing and will have to rely on this forum. does anyone know what is going on?? How can it be taking so long to fix.

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    I just tried calling them, but Just getting a pre-recorded message!
    Im just gonna wait until tomorrow and see if they get in sorted. if not im gonna go elsewhere.

    What really gets me is, the guy that runs circlehosting is a member of these forums!
    surely he could post an update on here


    the prerecorded message has been changed, they are now saying they have replaced the server hdd and re loaded the os, and they are currently trying to get the backup data from the bad drive!
    they also say that this should take around 6 hours.

    Doesn't sound to good to me!
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    Didnt realise the guy that runs cirlehosting is on here, anyway, I get the same message. I do hope for ours and their benefit it will be back runing this afternoon. Im not too worried about the websites that are non databased as they`ll be easy to upload again, but its the database run websites which im worried about. It doesnt matter how many times I back them up, still a nightmare to get runing again.

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    Sadly this could not have come at a worse time for me, the pc I use to store my backups on, has a broken hdd.
    So if they dont manage to restore it all im stuffed!
    I was running a creloaded (oscommerce) store with over 3000 products, took me months to get it all up.
    not to mention all the trade im losing while it's out of action.

    A lesson learnt I guess, Will be keeping my backups in more than one location from now on!

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    i've heard from ben, sorry so long to post, at 10 am they were stting up the server and restoring data from bad drive. If that was not possible they were going to use backups from the 17th. the whole process was to take 6 hours. (4pm)

    at 1.30 heard that a problem had occured with the instalation of the operating system by the datacentre, who they were working with to rectify the problem and apologised for any additional delay, the length of which he could not at present determine, but said he would let me know as soon as he had a better idea of the issue.

    still not sounding good eh

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    thanks for the update!

    I will be moving to a different host later today, one that actually knows what it's doing

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    thanks for the update jhale, I cant even get through to that number at the top of the thread now.

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    latest is that "os reloaded. restoration of site files has started, back up between 11 and 1 this eve."

    god i hope so, if i have to tell clients tomorrow that there sites are still down....

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    At the time of writing this it looks as tho all my websites are coming back online, Just hope the databases are all restored aswell

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    Apparently they are just in process of restoring the MySql Databases, then we should be good to go!
    Wont hold me breath tho.........

    Do these guys think they will ever be taken seriously after this!

    As for me, I have already signed up with another host, just a matter of waiting now
    for circlehosting to restore the DB's, then I can move all my site over to hostgator

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    Normal service has now resumed.
    shame it took 3 days lol!

    at least I didnt lose any files etc.....for my websites,
    which seem to be running fine on new host (thanks ;-)

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    Does anyone know if everything is Supposed to be fully working again?? as a couple of very important website databases are either showing errors or completely gone .

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    apparently all sql backups were completed by 1 am gmt so all should be up and running now

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhale
    apparently all sql backups were completed by 1 am gmt so all should be up and running now
    Thats very worrying for me then, as 2 have decided to not work one very important one. Even the backup I have is giving me problems.

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    I finally got my DB's Back up after sending serveral emails to ben.

    But sadly I cant access phpmyadmin!

    also I emailed ben to tell him about this, his reply was quite rude.
    still his loss, Im now with a decent host with proper support.

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