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    Arrow Hosting domain Appraisal Please

    Domain name:

    I bought the domain along with everything else including clients a few years back. I moved all the clients so they were under our existing brand and forwarded the domain to our main site. However I was wondering if it could have any value? The domain as a pr of 4 (index page only as far as I know) Also as an added bonus I still have the website which as far as I am aware was designed specifically for the domain and is unique, and also modded forum which you can view here
    Which uses IPB v1.3 final.

    I also have a full set of cpanel flash movie tutorials embeded with the sites logo kicking around somewhere as well as a whmap licence which I will have to find the details for, but I know I have that somewhere.

    I have removed the forwarder for a few hours so you can view the website, as it may / may not add to any valuation. If I have put the forwarder back on and you want to see the website then just send me a pm and I will make it available for you to view.

    Mods! Please move if this is in the incorrect forum as It is the domain I was intrested in a appraisal for, but maybe all the other stuff may add extra value.


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    How ironic is this...

    So today I decided to look back on HostUltimate, the company I founded just about a year ago, and this post was displayed in the Yahoo! Search results.

    Good luck with everything!

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