I deal with a problem what I thought would never become one:

I'm going to get a SSL cert for our RaQ550 intended being used by different virtual sites. The SSL certificate would be issued for the main domain name (the one shown in the LCD, spoken explicitly).

Now my problem is that on other servers I managed so far, it was easy to give other virtual sites access to SSL by using an URL scheme like https://host.domain.tld/vsiteaccount/filetocall.htm

Unfortunately whatever I tried did not work. I was able to come to a site by using https://host.domain.tld/~username - but the URL became changed into the virtual site's domain name instantly and so making it impossible to call a site by SSL.

On other forums I found some advises from users ranging between creating separate user accounts under the main domain till complex solutions requiring manual modifications to the config files.

However if possible, I would like to manage anything over the webpanel, excluding any one-time task being done, of course.

Can anyone support me in providing virtual site users with SSL via https://host.domain.tld/vsiteaccount/filetocall.htm (or similar scheme) ?