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    Question Site builder comparison/recommendations

    Hi everyone,

    I'm considering purchasing site builder software in the next couple of days and deploying it on all our shared hosting servers. I was wondering if people could post their latest experiences and provide some recommendations as to what I should go with.

    Ideally I would like something that's:

    - low cost
    - easy to use
    - flexible
    - creates Flash/HTML & dynamic sites
    - multilingual (French/English mainly)
    - integrates nicely into cPanel (and optionally with Ensim)
    - doesn't use up too many system resources


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    RV SITE BUILDER is pretty decent.

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    Another vote for RVsitebuilder here. It fully integrates with cPanel, offers a ton of templates, and it's fairly easy for the customer to use.

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    Also if anyone could recommend any good website builder that works on windows platform. I am searching for couple of weeks now but with no success at the moment...

    Any recommendation would be highly appreciated.


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    I have used SWSoft Sitebuilder on Windows in the past with good success.
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