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    Question Software download activation

    We'd like our 30-day trial software to include an option to link to our e-commerce software (Linux hosted 'Click Cart Pro') which would then go through the purchase process, obtain a software key and unlock the software. Does anyone know of any package with this capability?

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    Did you check out Digital River or Clickbank to see if one of these companies can support your needs?

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    I'd recommend checking out: if your software is in PHP.
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    Double the suggestion for PHPAudit. Excellent piece of software. - am I following you around Twisted? HA!

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    If you want to control the whole process yourself check out Install Creator Pro from This package allows you to create an installer that contains 2 or more versions. A trial version that is installed without any code and a full version that requires a registration code.

    You would have to create a link to your e-commerce software from the help or about menu item in your software. The customer would then receive the registration code and run the installer again to update the trial version to the full version

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    Thanks everyone. Some interesting and helpful options there.

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