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    Need Hosting Growin Vbulletin Forum. What Every Beginner Community Builder Must Know!


    I have a website which is based on VBulletin Forum. It is growing by around 50-60 members every day. It has nearly 4000 Registered Members.....

    It gets average between 2800-3000 unique visitors every day..... sometimes that can peak to 3500...... and it is growing....

    I dont use much bandwidth or diskspace.

    Right now, im hosting on a friends server.. its using up a lot of his server resources. - So its Shared hosting..... and he had to put the Mysql connections Down..... so i get mysql connection errors every once in the while..... (well everyday)

    Also i need hosting for one more vbulletin forum and a few sites.

    So, whats next??? What sort of dedicated server do i need?

    Im looking for actual specs in terms of CPU, Memory... etc

    If i really have to go it alone on a dedicated, 200-300 dollars most....... a month is my budget.

    I dont know what level of server i would need for the site.

    Dual Processor or single? Am currently looking at either ThePlanet or Softlayer.

    I have 0 experience with either of these companies, my friend is with ThePlanet and he likes them a lot, and he hasnt had that much of a prob with them...... but, on these forums seems everyone is more or less pro Softlayer anti TP.

    Im looking for server suggestions from either of these, or any other company.

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    Forums uses / needs plenty of RAM, so I suggest get a server with around 2GB RAM and on the cpu just select the best that you can afford, If you can get dual processor the better. Good Luck.


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    Just about any type of website that relies heavily on databases can always benefit from some fast drives (SCSI 15k).

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    You could go with a VPS, but eventually down the line you will have to go dedicated if it continues to grow. For $200-$300 you can get a Dual Xeon/Opteron server through with some upgrades for that price range. This will give you A LOT of room to grow with such a beefy box. If you don't want that much power to start they also have Dual Core systems and single core.
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