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    User Management script - ASAP


    I am looking for a User Management, paid or free with the following features:

    New customers will log onto my website and will then enter a few personal details such as name, dob, address, email, telephone number etc.

    But they wouldn't be asked to enter a username or password I would email them such details upon their payment and registration being accepted.

    Once their payment has been accepted through paypal's merchant services, I would then email the member an username along with a password and then the member can log into his/her online account.

    Things/ Operations members can carry out once logged into their online account:

    - change their password to a password of their choice
    - edit their profile
    - set up/ suspend/ cancel their alerts (these will be part of the service and alerts will be via email)
    - view their subscription details and when it expires
    - helpdesk and contact
    - cancel their subscription

    I will be using the Paypal merchant services to process my payments, so this will have to be considered when implementing the system. You can view how this will work by visiting and viewing their business account services for more.

    The admin features should include:

    - reports on members
    - search members by name, email, any string in profile
    - manually add members & add subscriptions
    - script has its own error & access log

    can anyone help?


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    I don't think there is such a script already, if so you could try hotscripts. If you want anyone to make it for you put it into the request forum, it doesn't sound too difficult so shouldn't be extremely expensive.

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    Check out AMember - I'm pretty sure it will do what you're looking for
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