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    * Tutorial: Transfer your Startlogic Domain

    Startlogic, for me, has a history of being rude, inconsiderate, and unhelpful. In short, I don't care what kind of hosting they provide, if you ever need help they are horrible. Bar none the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

    So today I decided to switch to media temple. They have a good track record, and so far I've both talked on the phone with them for customer service, and submitted tickets (late at night mind you), both of which were responded to in a very short time period and were extroadinarily helpful and knowledgeable. Enough said.

    However, when I first registered my website I did so with Startlogic, and they then got ahold of my domain name. I worried because of my past experience that they would hassle the hell out of me to get ahold of it. So I went to their forums and started asking around. Surprisingly, a moderator basically came out and told me how to transfer it easily.

    Apparently Startlogic handles their domains through OpenNRS, a subsidiary/distributer of Tucows Inc. Just go to and type in the same username and password you would to sign into your startlogic account. This information, with your domain name will send you into their control panel. From here you can unlock your domain, change personal information, etc. Hallelujah!

    I hope this helps anybody having trouble with Startlogic, because it totally sidesteps their bureaucracy and allows you to handle your own ****. Because in the end, that domain name is yours, and you should have control. Now get that domain over to godaddy, name cheap, or a dns of your choice!

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    Thank you very much, I thought I'm gonna have problems with this.
    I'm sure it's gonna be helpfull for others too
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