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    Lightbulb help with vps please!!

    hi everyone,

    im looking to get a new vps soon but just need some help.

    i will be using it to run about 10 or so shoutcasts which will be on for at least 15 hours a day all day each month and also host websites with cpanel and some teamspeak servers.

    i just wanted to how much bandwidth you think i would need and space etc.

    Thanks Jack

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    How much listeners and in what bitrate (24haverage)?

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    prob 64kbps with average of 30 per account so call it 500 listeners max(which i doubt but just so we can say)

    anyone recommend a host??

    also is that 1500gb or mb??

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    64Kbits x 30 users = 1,875Mbit/s = 0,234375 MByte/s = 843,75 MByte/hour = 627.750MByte/month

    So if you want to run 10 you will need at least 6TB/month for a VPS [Woow]

    For shoutcast/teamspeak memory isn't a problem, but to run Cpanel 256-512 are recomended (more if sites have a lot of hits)

    If you can't get a dedicated for this i recommend:
    1 VPS for hosting
    256MB+ RAM
    7GB+ HDD (Cpanel & OS will use +/- 2.2GB)
    50GB+ Bandwidth

    A lot of Shoutcasts VPS [You must see how much bandwidth you will use]
    64MB+ RAM
    3GB+ HDD

    The shoutcasts vps shouldn't be in the same node since you will share the connection with all existing VPSs.

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    where can i get that kinda vps from??

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